The Airborne Science Instrument Database provides details on the science instruments that have been used as part of NASA-funded airborne research.

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Title Acronym Contact Person Aircraft Type Measurements
Airborne 2-Channel Laser Infrared Absorption Spectrometer ALIAS-II Lance Christensen (PI) Balloon Spectrometer N2O, CH4, CO, HCl, NO2
Airborne Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer AirMISR Dave Diner (PI) ER-2 Camera, Spectrometer Topography
Airborne Ocean Color Imager AOCI Jeffrey Myers (Mgr) ER-2 Spectrometer Imagery
Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer AVIRIS Robert O. Green (PI) ER-2, Proteus, Twin Otter, WB-57 Spectrometer Imagery
Automatic Meteor Tracker with Imager and Slit Spectrograph AIM-IT George Varros (PI) DC-8 Spectrometer Imagery
Autonomous Modular Sensor AMS Jeffrey Myers (Mgr) Altair, B200 - LARC, Caravan, ER-2, Ikhana, DC-8 Spectrometer Imagery
Direct beam Irradiance Airborne Spectrometer DIAS Samuel R. Hall (PI) DC-8 Spectrometer Aerosol, Optical Depth, O3
Enhanced MODIS Airborne Simulator eMAS Jeffrey Myers (Mgr) ER-2 Spectrometer Imagery
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer FTIR Michael Coffey (PI) DC-8 Spectrometer HCl, ClONO2, N2O, NO, NO2, HNO3, HF, CH4, C2H6, H2O, CO2, CF2Cl2, O3
Geostationary Imaging Fabry-Perot Spectrometer GIFS Sam Yee (PI) P-3 Orion Spectrometer Cloud Thickness
Hawaii Group for Environmental Aerosol Research HIGEAR Antony Clarke (Co-I) DC-8, P-3 Orion CN counter, Differential mobility, Laser absorption, Optical particle counter, Photometer, Spectrometer Particle Absorption, Cloud Condensation Nuclei, Particle Scattering, Aerosol Size Distribution, Black Carbon
HyMap HyMap Terry Cocks (PI) Cessna 402B, WB-57 Spectrometer Imagery
Hyperspectral Thermal Emissions Spectrometer HyTES Simon Hook (PI) Twin Otter Spectrometer Temperature
Leonardo Airborne Simulator LAS Si-Chee Tsay (PI) ER-2 Spectrometer Imagery
mini-DOAS mini-DOAS Jochen Peter Stutz (PI) Global Hawk Spectrometer BrO, NO2, O4
MODIS Airborne Simulator MAS Jeffrey Myers (Mgr) ER-2 Spectrometer Imagery
MODIS/ASTER Airborne Simulator MASTER Jeffrey Myers (Mgr) B-200 - DOE, DC-8, ER-2, WB-57, P-3 Orion Spectrometer Imagery
Next-Generation Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer AVIRISng Robert O. Green (PI) ER-2, Proteus, Twin Otter, WB-57 Spectrometer Imagery
Portable Remote Imaging Spectrometer PRISM Pantazis Mouroulis (PI) Spectrometer Imagery
Precipitation Imaging Probe PIP Andrew Heymsfield (PI) DC-8 Particle imager, Spectrometer Particle size distribution


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