Costing Support

ASP Flight Request Cost Planning Tool

Many of possible costs outlined below may be applicable to your flight(s) and could be included in the aircraft cost estimate section of your Flight Request (FR):
  • Science Flight Hours (excluding integration hours)
  • Engineering and Check Flight Hours (will be included by aircraft lead)
  • Transit Flight Hours (will be included by aircraft lead)
  • Selected Instrument(s) *Note: User fees for the instrument team and data processing costs may be required 
  • ​Any applicable instrument engineering and integration costs (will be included by aircraft lead)
  • Estimated Mission Peculiar Costs (will be included by aircraft lead)
    See the ASP Call Letter for definition of MPCs
  • SATCOM (SATellite COMmunication) Costs on Flight Request will be listed in the SATCOM box in the aircraft estimate section of the FR. Please reference the ASP Call Letter and the SATCOM page
  • NASA Science Concurrence subsidy (See ASP Call Letter for NSC criteria)
  • Safety Review Costs if Non-NASA Platform is Selected (will be entered by aircraft lead)


NASA ASP Supported Aircraft
Facility Center/State NASA SMD User Fee
DC-8 AFRC, CA $6500
ER-2 AFRC, CA $3500
P-3 WFF, VA $3500
C-20A (G-III) AFRC, CA $3000 (full reimbursable rate $6000)
Global Hawk AFRC, CA $60K/week or $250K/month for access
$1800/Flt hour up to 150hrs/month