Engineering Support for Hardware and Software

The Airborne Science Program consists of experienced engineers and technicians that provide instrument engineering and IT support for NASA-funded payload teams. The Program is available to provide assistance and advice during all phases of instrument development from design, reviews, integration and testflights.

ASP staff will advise on instrument design, integration onto aircraft including compartment selection, mounting, and window selection (if applicable). Given an existing instrument, we can assist with selecting the right aircraft for the observational requirements and budget constraints. The team can also assist with aircraft modifications needed to accomodate instruments or antennae.

There are a variety of options regarding telemetry of data and ASP engineers are ready to assist with integrating instruments onto the aircraft data network and providing systems for processing and telemetrying data.

The Program also maintains instruments for aircraft state data that can also be made available during science flights. Each aircraft has different instruments available and so please consult with the Platform manager for specific options.

For more information on aircraft-related services available to NASA-funded Principle Investigators, please contact Bruce Tagg ( or Matt Fladeland (