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Good Morning ORACLES PRF01Y18

ORACLES 09/26/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Science Flight #PRF01Y18
0430 Hotel Limited Breakfast
0530 Weather Briefing
0545 Shuttle: Hotel to Airport 
0630 Shuttle: Hotel to Airport
0715 Shuttle: Hotel to Airport (to view takeoff)
0730 P-3 doors closed
0800 P-3 takeoff - 8 hour flight
0815 Shuttle: Airport to Hotel
0900 Weather and chemical weather forecasts 
1000 Daily flight planning meeting
1100 Shuttle: Hotel to SuperCKdo to Hotel
1500 Shuttle: Hotel to Airport
1600 P-3 Landing
1615 Shuttle: Airport to Hotel

ORACLES 09/22/18 Mission Daily Schedule

September 22nd - Departure from Barbados to Cabo Verde  
0900  Take-off for a 7.5 hour flight
~1930  Arrival at Cabo Verde


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