Payload Information Form

NASA Airborne Science Program (ASP)
Payload Information Form (PIF)

Purpose and General Instructions

  1. The purpose of the PIF is to allow instrument Principal Investigators (PIs) a simple and efficient method to provide NASA aircraft engineering (AE) with instrument or sensor information that is sufficient to start the instrument integration process.
  2. One PIF form is to be used for each instrument.  Maintenance and updates of the PIF (e.g., as design maturity reduces unknowns or personnel changes) are the responsibility of the PI.
  3. The PIF is a standard ASP form and will be accepted by most NASA ASP aircraft organizations.
  4. Guidelines:
    1. Good information flows between the PI and AE is critical at all times in the integration process.  Do not delay responding to queries or requests for additional information.
    2. If exact values are not known, provide estimates and so note.  If no estimate can be given, annotate with TBD.  Indicate N/A or NONE for items that don’t apply to your instrument.
    3. Include additional comments, notes, and references at the end of each section if necessary.
    4. While not specifically requested in the PIF, photographs of instruments, related hardware, or previous aircraft installations are encouraged.
  5. Submit the PIF to the appropriate aircraft platform POC.