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ORACLES - P-3 Orion - WFF 10/15/18 Science Report

Take –off at 06:58:46UT. During Southbound transit at 18kft, we saw similar situation to Oct 7, i.e. minimal direct contact between smoke and Sc from 3-9S. APR detects heavily precipitating Sc clouds at 5S, in all 3 channels; consistently, SEVIRI shows LWP of > 300 g/m2 . We identified two regions that showed gap (8.5S) and no gap (9.5S) in relative close proximity. Significant drizzle (3-channel APR return) between 11 and 13S. Square spiral at 14S, geometrically thin high smoke loading layer at 13kft, broken Sc.

ORACLES 10/16/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Tuesday, Oct 16th POD
All times in Local time
0900 Weather/forecast
1000-1200 Flight planning discussion
1500 Shuttle: Hotel to SuperCKDO to Hotel before 1600
1600 Science debrief and Wednesday flight plan briefing
0740 Shuttle: Hotel to Airport
0900 Shuttle: Hotel to Airport
0800-1300 Airport: P-3 Science Access (longer if necessary)
1100 Shuttle: Hotel to Airport to SuperCKDO to Hotel
1315 Shuttle: Airport to Hotel

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ORACLES 10/15/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Monday, Oct 15th POD
All times in Local time
Science Flight #PRF09Y18
0430 Hotel Limited Breakfast
0530 Weather Briefing
0545 Shuttle: Hotel to Airport 
0630 Shuttle: Hotel to Airport
0715 Shuttle: Hotel to Airport (to view takeoff)
0730 P-3 doors close  
0800 P-3 take-off - 8 hour flight
0815 Shuttle: Airport to Hotel
1000 Weather & aerosol forecasts 
1100 Daily flight planning meeting
1100 Shuttle: Hotel to SuperCKdo to Hotel


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