Validating MODIS above-cloud aerosol optical depth retrieved from “color...

Jethva, H., O. Torres, L. Remer, J. Redemann, J. M. Livingston, S. E. Dunagan, Y. Shinozuka, M. S. Kacenelenbogen, M. S. Rosenheimer, and R. J. D. Spurr (2016), Validating MODIS above-cloud aerosol optical depth retrieved from “color ratio” algorithm using direct measurements made by NASA’s airborne AATS and 4STAR sensors, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 9, 5053-5062, doi:10.5194/amt-9-5053-2016.

We present the validation analysis of above-cloud aerosol optical depth (ACAOD) retrieved from the “color ratio” method applied to MODIS cloudy-sky reflectance measurements using the limited direct measurements made by NASA’s airborne Ames Airborne Tracking Sunphotometer (AATS) and Spectrometer for Sky-Scanning, Sun-Tracking Atmospheric Research (4STAR) sensors. A thorough search of the airborne database collection revealed a total of five significant events in which an airborne sun photometer, coincident with the MODIS overpass, observed partially absorbing aerosols emitted from agricultural biomass burning, dust, and wildfires over a low-level cloud deck during SAFARI-2000, ACE-ASIA 2001, and SEAC4RS 2013 campaigns, respectively. The co-located satellite-airborne matchups revealed a good agreement (root-mean-square difference < 0.1), with most matchups falling within the estimated uncertainties associated the MODIS retrievals (about −10 to +50 %). The co-retrieved cloud optical depth was comparable to that of the MODIS operational cloud product for ACE-ASIA and SEAC4RS, however, higher by 30–50 % for the SAFARI2000 case study. The reason for this discrepancy could be attributed to the distinct aerosol optical properties encountered during respective campaigns. A brief discussion on the sources of uncertainty in the satellite-based ACAOD retrieval and co-location procedure is presented. Field experiments dedicated to making direct measurements of aerosols above cloud are needed for the extensive validation of satellitebased retrievals.

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