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NASA Flights Map Summer Melt of Greenland Land Ice

Operation IceBridge is flying in Greenland to measure how much ice has melted over the course of the summer from the ice sheet. The flights, which began on Aug. 25 and will go on until Sept. 21, repeat paths flown this spring and aim to monitor seasonal changes in the elevation of the ice sheet.

NASA Scientists Seek to Improve Sea Ice Predictions

NASA researchers are working to improve their forecasts of the size of the Arctic sea ice cover at the end of the summer melt season — but the goal is not just to have a better prediction of sea ice coverage. The challenge of making summer sea ice forecasts allows scientists to test their understanding of the processes that control seasonal sea ice growth and retreat, and to fine-tune computer models that represent connections among the ice, atmosphere and ocean.

Two Decades of Changes in Helheim Glacier

Since 1997, NASA has collected data over Helheim Glacier almost every year during annual airborne surveys of the Greenland Ice Sheet using an airborne laser altimeter called the Airborne Topographic Mapper (ATM). Since 2009 these surveys have continued as part of Operation IceBridge, NASA’s ongoing airborne survey of polar ice and its longest-running airborne mission. ATM measures the elevation of the glacier along a swath as the plane files along the middle of the glacier.

OIB - HU-25A Guardian #524 07/25/17 Science Report

OIB flew the Convergence West 2 mission which completes the experiment from the first flight of the campaign on 7/17/17 to study sea ice thickness change due to the piling up of sea ice (or convergence) as the movement of ice pushes it up against the coast. The flight is a near-repeat of the first mission, but has been adjusted to follow the same sea ice surveyed previously using ice motion tracking data provided by Ron Kwok.
Weather was clear for the entire mission and good data was collected throughout.

OIB - HU-25A Guardian #524 07/25/17 Science Report

OIB flew the Greeley North mission today. This mission expands our flight coverage as far west as cloud conditions allow us in the Arctic Ocean north of Ellesmere Island’s Greeley Fjord. Part of the flight followed advected sea ice from the CryoVEx-2 and South Basin Transect spring missions. We also overflew two buoy sites provided by Ignatius Rigor at 13:44:04Z and 13:46:31Z.

OIB - HU-25A Guardian #524 07/24/17 Science Report

OIB flew a new mission called "Russell Forty" in honor of ATM operator Robbie Russell who celebrated his birthday with us while in the field in Thule. This mission samples sea ice towards the eastern edge of our range limit and overflies portions of the advected Laxon Line and Zig Zag West missions from the spring.

OIB - HU-25A Guardian #524 07/19/17 Science Report

Mission: Hiawatha Lakes

This short mission is intended to measure properties of the numerous supraglacial lakes that form during summer in the area above Hiawatha Glacier. It is expected that the new narrow-pulse laser of the ATM may be able to measure the depth of these lakes with fairly high resolution.


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