ATom DC-8 SOAP files

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SOAP_DC8_20180424_R1.ictR1Thu, Sep 27, 2018621.27 KB
SOAP_DC8_20180427_R1.ictR1Thu, Sep 27, 2018668.44 KB
SOAP_DC8_20180429_R1.ictR1Thu, Sep 27, 2018527.68 KB
SOAP_DC8_20180501_R1.ictR1Thu, Sep 27, 2018536.81 KB
SOAP_DC8_20180503_R1.ictR1Thu, Sep 27, 2018519.21 KB
SOAP_DC8_20180506_R1.ictR1Thu, Sep 27, 2018671.15 KB
SOAP_DC8_20180509_R1.ictR1Thu, Sep 27, 2018694.25 KB
SOAP_DC8_20180512_R1.ictR1Thu, Sep 27, 2018638.77 KB
SOAP_DC8_20180514_R1.ictR1Thu, Sep 27, 2018609.9 KB
SOAP_DC8_20180517_R1.ictR1Thu, Sep 27, 2018615.56 KB
SOAP_DC8_20180518_R1.ictR1Thu, Sep 27, 2018203.09 KB
SOAP_DC8_20180519_R0.ictR0Thu, Sep 27, 2018674.85 KB
SOAP_DC8_20180521_R0.ictR0Thu, Sep 27, 2018438.69 KB
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