Meteorological Analysis of the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere

Group Members
Lead: Leonhard Pfister (650-604-3183)
Henry Selkirk (650-604-6489)
Marion Legg (650-604-6297)

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Research Objectives
The research group provides Meteorological Support to NASA aircraft field experiments. We study water vapor and clouds in the tropical tropopause layer, fine scale structures in tracers and meteorological fields in the tropical upper troposphere and lower stratosphere region, and trace constituent transport in the middle and high latitude lowermost stratosphere.

Research Activities
We were mission meteorologists for the Costa Rica AVE mission (January, 2006).

We are preparing meteorological studies for the Tropical Composition, Cloud, Climate Coupling Experiment TC4 (Summer, 2007).

We perform comprehensive radiosonde studies of the tropical atmosphere based on soundings from San Jose, Costa Rica.

We did convective influence studies of the tropical upper troposphere.

We perform simulations of water vapor and clouds in the tropical tropopause layer.