ATom MER-MED Dataset

Atmospheric Tomography (ATom)

All publicly available merged data sets from the ATom-1 (Jul-Aug 2016), ATom-2 (Jan-Feb 2017), ATom-3 (Sep-Oct 2017), and ATom-4 (Apr-May 2018) campaigns can be downloaded directly from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory DAAC at

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ATom MER-MED Dataset Details

This is a subset of the entire ATom mission dataset. Only ICARTT files are included in the dataset.

  • File Codes: MER-MED (Data merge to MEDUSA sampling interval)
  • File Type: Archive (plain-text) data file in ICARTT format
  • Number of Files: 47 (1.27 MB)

Available Files in the ATom MER-MED Dataset

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