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The upper box is the data acquisition and control system, including power
supplies. The middle box is the main instrument module with 2 channels of
detection, and the lowest box houses two ozonizers.

This is a 2-channel instrument based on the chemiluminescence detection of NO via reaction with O3 to form excited NO2, which is detected via photon counting. One sample channel is used to measure nitric oxide, NO, and the second measures nitrogen dioxide, NO2, by flowing ambient air through a glass cell illuminated by light-emitting diodes at 395 nm, for the conversion of NO2 to NO via photolysis. The instrument is similar to instruments previously built at NCAR [Ridley and Grahek, 1990; Ridley et al., 2004]. In the UTLS region, NOx (= NO + NO2) is mostly in the form of NO and is formed in situ by lightning, is emitted by aircraft, and may be transported to the UTLS from the boundary layer by convection.

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Gulfstream V - NSF
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