How To Submit Flight Reports

  1. Under Platform in the menu in you will see the option to Submit Flight Report. Submit flight report
  2. Select the appropriate aircraft.
    1. If you are part of a Airborne Science Program Aircraft Group:
      1. Change the aircraft status ONLY if the status is different from what is already on the schedule.
  3. Enter in information for Flight Number, Payload Configuration, and Nav data collected
  4. For each segment of the flight enter:
    1. The start and end points and times
    2. Adjust the flight time as needed
    3. The log number (if applicable)
      1. If this is the final flight for this flight request then check "Completes Flight Request"
      2. Update (if needed) the Total Hours Flown
    4. Select the purpose of the flight and enter any comments applicable to that segment.
    Submit flight report segments
  5. Add in any additional comments for the whole flight.
  6. Submit