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P-3 ORACLES Test Flight Photo 1

P-3 ORACLES Test Flight Photo 1

ORACLES 08/02/16 Mission Daily Schedule

The ER-2 plan for Wednesday, August 3rd is to conduct an ORACLES instrument check flight.
Below is the timeline for this flight:
0600:  Hands on & Mission / Weather Brief in the pilot’s office
0700:  Hands off
0900:  Takeoff
1315:  Landing

ORACLES 08/01/16 Mission Daily Schedule

P-3 Schedule

Tuesday, August 2
0700-0930 – Preparation for Project Test Flight #1.  I will be collecting all safety briefing forms and preparing a flight manifest.  Samuel, could you please gather all names for the PI teams that will be flying tomorrow and submit for manifest.   
0930- Doors close on P-3 for flight, Captains briefing
1000- Wheels up
1000 – 1200 (TBD) Test Flight # 1
TBD – TBD + 1 hour – Power down
+1 hour - + 1:30 – Post Flight debrief
Any changes will be distributed ASAP.

ER-2 Test Flight Taxi 2

ORACLES 07/29/16 Mission Daily Schedule

P-3 Plan of the Day
Saturday, July 30th has been scheduled for ORACLES P-3 Engineering Check Flight.  No science team access, these are aircrew only.
The Operations Schedule, as it stands now, for Sunday, July 31 is as follows:
0800-0900 – Safety Video/Brief, D-1 Hangar South 2nd Floor Breakout room

P-3 Instrument SSFR Installation -2

P-3 Instrument SSFR Installation -2


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