Alignment and verification testing of the GPS LRA test bed

Lyons, P., J. J. Lyons, P. Dogoda, J. Golder, D. Lindler, S. Merkowitz, E. D. Hoffman, et al. (2020), Alignment and verification testing of the GPS LRA test bed, Proceedings Of SPIE, 11488, 131-143, doi:10.1117/12.2569160.

The LRCTF (Laser Ranging Characterization and Test Facility) is a unique facility built at NASA GSFC to provide thermal-optical testing of the next generation GPS LRA (Global Positioning Satellite’s Laser Retroreflector Array) laser ranging target. The 400mm diameter target is an array consisting of 48 total internal reflection retroreflectors and has an optical cross section requirement of 100 MSM (million square meters). To verify that the array meets this requirement during on-orbit conditions, the LRCTF is equipped with a 400mm test beam, a data product output consisting of full aperture FFDPs (Far Field Diffraction Patterns) and a thermal chamber. The FFDPs are used to calculate the OCS. This paper will describe the facility design, alignment approach, and verification process.

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Earth Surface & Interior Program (ESI)
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