Fleet in development

New developments in sunphotometry, left, prototype SEASTAR (SEAgoing Sky-scanning, sun-Tracking Atmospheric research Radiometer) for ship-based deployment of sunphotometers, center, 4STAR-B (Spectrometers for Sky-Scanning Sun Tracking Atmospheric Research - B), right, ground prototype with newly developped multi-decade radiometers for 5STAR (ultra-Stable Spectrometers for Sky-Scanning Sun Tracking Atmospheric Research), far right, Dr.

Bringing back AERONET hosted by São Toméan partners

4STAR team on successful ORACLES 2018 deployment

4STAR was deployed on the NASA P3 during ORACLES 2018 based out of Sao Tomé. Here our team kept 4STAR operating great for the whole deployment. 

Roy presenting new concept idea of SEASTAR at Ames Innovation Fair

Roy is leading and presenting a new concept for a shipborne automated sunphtometer and sky radiance collector, SEASTAR, at the NASA Ames Research Center's annual innovation fair. Here he is demonstrating the use of a handheld sunphotometer 'microtops' to a group of NASA Ames colleagues. 

4STAR integration at NRC

4STAR on the NRC's Convair 580 with Sam, Konstantin, and Roy posing in front

New partners with NRC Canada - 4STAR integrated onto the Convair 580

We formed a new partnership with the Canadian National Research Council. We sucessfully integrated 4STAR onto their Convair 580, for sampling during a Canadian Oil Sands project. 

Calibrating away at Mauna Loa Observatory

4STAR, 4STARB, and AATS are standing tall at the Maun Loa Observatory, at 11000 ft altitude within the remote Pacific Atmosphere, where the nearly pristine environment, with low aerosol optical depth, is used for calibrating our measurements.

Sunphotometer family reunited at Ames after many campaigns

4STARB's first flight campaign successful!

Yohei holding 4STARB in the NASA C130 cockpit getting ready for a daily install. This was 4STARB's first flight campaign, as part of the 3rd deployment of NAAMES based out of St-John's, Newfoundland, Canada.

Connor and Jens awaiting the P3 in Sao Tome


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