Airborne spectral BRDF of various surface types (ocean, vegetation, snow,...

Gatebe, C., and M. D. King (2016), Airborne spectral BRDF of various surface types (ocean, vegetation, snow, desert, wetlands, cloud decks, smoke layers) for remote sensing applications, Remote Sensing of Environment, 179, 131-148, doi:10.1016/j.rse.2016.03.029.

tions, none of which are capable of obtaining such a complete and nearly instantaneous BRDF. This database is BRDF therefore of great value in validating many satellite sensors and assessing corrections of reflectances for angular Albedo effects. These data can also be used to evaluate the ability of analytical models to reproduce the observed direcDirectional reflectance tional signatures, to develop BRDF models that are suitable for sub-kilometer-scale satellite observations over Remote sensing both homogeneous and heterogeneous landscape types, and to test future spaceborne sensors. All of these

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