ORACLES 10/18/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Thursday, Oct 18th POD – Access Day and Group Picture Day
All times in Local time
0900 Weather/forecast
1000-1200 Flight planning discussion
1500 Shuttle: Hotel to SuperCKDO to Hotel before 1600
1600 Science debrief and Wednesday flight plan briefing
0740 Shuttle: Hotel to Airport
0900 Shuttle: Hotel to Airport
0800-1300 Airport: P-3 Science Access (longer if necessary)
1100 Shuttle: Hotel to Airport to SuperCKDO to Hotel
1245 Shuttle: Hotel to Airport (and whatever cars are available to take everybody to the airport for the group picture)
1315 Group Picture with the Plane
1330 Shuttle: Airport to Hotel
Tentative Plan:
Fri, Oct 19th- Fly Day
Sat, Oct 20th– Hard Down 
Sun, Oct 21st– Fly Day
Mon, Oct 22nd– Access
Tues, Oct 23rd– Fly Day
Wed, Oct 24th– Pack Day
Thurs, Oct 25th– Transit Back
São Tomé Google Map:
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ESPO Numbers:
Bernie Luna +1-650-417-8810 & São Tomé +239-992-2130
Dan Chirica +1-925-640-0463 & São Tomé +239-992-1945
Susan McFadden +1-312-804-1055 & São Tomé +239-992-2027