ORACLES 09/27/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Friday, Sept 28thPOD
All times in Local time
0900 Hotel : weather/forecast
1000-1200 Hotel : Flight Planning Discussion
0740 Shuttle: Hotel to Airport
0900 Shuttle: Hotel to Airport
0800-1300 Airport: P-3 Science Access (as late as 1600 if needed)
1200 Shuttle: Airport to Hotel
1315 Shuttle: Airport to Hotel
later shuttle(s) as needed
1400 Shuttle: Hotel to Grocery n back
1600 Hotel: Science Team Meeting – debrief of transit and PRF01Y18 (voluntary/optional) 
Tentative Plan:
Sat, Sep 29 - Fly
Sun, Sep 30 – Hard Down
Mon, Oct 1 - Fly
São Tomé Google Map:
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ESPO Numbers:
Bernie Luna +1-650-417-8810 & São Tomé +239-992-2130
Dave Jordan +1-650-417-8812  
Susan McFadden +1-312-804-1055 & São Tomé +239-992-2027