ORACLES 07/29/16 Mission Daily Schedule

Friday, July 29, 2016

P-3 Plan of the Day
Saturday, July 30th has been scheduled for ORACLES P-3 Engineering Check Flight.  No science team access, these are aircrew only.
The Operations Schedule, as it stands now, for Sunday, July 31 is as follows:
0800-0900 – Safety Video/Brief, D-1 Hangar South 2nd Floor Breakout room
0900-1000 -  Load Test P-3 Electrical (All instruments ON)
1000-1200 – PIs/Instrumenters prep for Project Test Flight
1200-1600 – Project Test Flight
1600-1630 – Power down
1630-1700 – Post Flight De-brief
This is, of course subject to change but we must start somewhere.  Any changes will be distributed ASAP.