CPEX-CV 10/01/22 Mission Daily Schedule

Please read!! This plan has a lot of information.
Plan of the day for Saturday, October 01
Packing day, for the rest! And getting ready for departure!
Shuttle service
1030 Hotel – Ops center
1300 Ops Center – Hotel

  • There is NO Aircraft access today. Please use this time to pack and clearly label everything (SEA and AIR shipments).
  • ESPO (Andrian and Michael) will be on-site at the FBO to help with packing, staging, and moving equipment around.

Rental Car drop off
If you have a rental car, the rental car company will be receiving the cars at the Hilton hotel at ~5 PM.  Please see the shuttle schedule for Sunday for transportation to the FBO for departure.
Are you flying back to the US on the NASA DC8? Personal Luggage
Due to the size of the security office, we cannot bring everything through security on the morning of our flight. We will collect all personal luggage at the Hilton hotel on Saturday. ESPO will be at the Hilton lobby between 1700 – 1800, receiving luggage to transport to the FBO to be loaded first thing in the morning. You may hand-carry anything that will fit under your seat the morning of the flight (example: backpack). Please also keep in mind that you will not have access to your luggage in Dulles – please pack your under-seat bag with anything you need overnight in Dulles. If you are traveling to Dulles but not Palmdale, please ensure your bag is labeled accordingly so that it gets placed in a separate location when the crew loads bags.
Plan for Sunday, October 02
Notes, please have your passport and COVID Vax card handy. Do not carry prohibited items. If you are bringing fruits and vegetables for your trip, eat them before landing. 
0230 Shuttle #1 Hotel – Airport (ground crew)
0300 MX Pre-flight start/loading aircraft
0400 Shuttle #2 Hotel – Airport (science)
0430 Science Pre-flight if needed
0500 Science starts going through the FBO security line
0500 Shuttle #3 Hotel – Airport (aircrew)
0530 Preflight brief (FBO lounge area)
0630 Door Close
0635 Engine Start
0700 Takeoff
~1210 Land at IAD (Washington DC)
Von voyage!