HU-25 readies to transit from Thule to Kangerlussuaq.

OIB cargo equipment ready for transport to Kangelrussuaq for phase II of the campaign. (Thule AB, Greenland)

The Northern lights are visible over the left wing of the P-3. (Thule AB, Greenland)

ATM Cambot image directly over the North Pole. (Thule AB, Greenland)

Sea Ice North Pole Transect. (Thule AB, Greenland)

Detail of a steaming sea ice lead. (Thule AB, Greenland)

ATM Ground Station near the port. (Thule AB, Greenland)

Sunrise over the ice cap. (Thule AB, Greenland)

P-3 prepares for its first flight of the 2012 Arctic Campaign on March 14, right on schedule. (Thuel AB, Greenland)

OIB team planning the first flight of the 2012 Arctic Campaign. (Thule AB, Greenland).


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