Pyrocumulonimbus affect average stratospheric aerosol composition

Katich, J., et al. (2023), Pyrocumulonimbus affect average stratospheric aerosol composition, Science, 379, 815-820, doi:10.1126/science.add3101.

Nitrogen oxides in the free troposphere: implications for tropospheric oxidants and the interpretation of satellite NO2 measurements

Compact Airborne NO2 Experiment

The NASA GSFC Compact Airborne NO2 Experiment (CANOE) instrument measures nitrogen dioxide (NO2) on both pressurized and unpressurized (high-altitude) aircraft. Using non-resonant laser induced fluorescence (LIF), CANOE possesses the high sensitivity, fast time response, and dynamic range needed to observe NO2 throughout the troposphere and lower stratosphere.

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NASA's World Tour of the Atmosphere Reveals Surprises Along the Way

Since 2016, a team of scientists with 25 advanced instruments aboard NASA's DC-8 research aircraft has sampled over 400 different gases and a broad range of airborne particles on month-long excursions from Alaska down the Pacific to New Zealand, then over to South America and up the Atlantic to Greenland, and across the Arctic Ocean.

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