Refinements to Ice Particle Mass Dimensional and Terminal Velocity...

Heymsfield, A., G. van Zadelhoff, D. P. Donovan, F. Fabry, R. J. Hogan, and A. J. Illingworth (2007), Refinements to Ice Particle Mass Dimensional and Terminal Velocity Relationships for Ice Clouds. Part II: Evaluation and Parameterizations of Ensemble Ice Particle Sedimentation Velocities, J. Atmos. Sci., 64, 1068-1088, doi:10.1175/JAS3900.1.

This two-part study addresses the development of reliable estimates of the mass and fall speed of single ice particles and ensembles. Part I of the study reports temperature-dependent coefficients for the massdimensional relationship, m ϭ aDb, where D is particle maximum dimension. The fall velocity relationship, Vt ϭ ADB, is developed from observations in synoptic and low-latitude, convectively generated, ice cloud layers, sampled over a wide range of temperatures using an assumed range for the exponent b. Values for a, A, and B were found that were consistent with the measured particle size distributions (PSD) and the ice water content (IWC).

To refine the estimates of coefficients a and b to fit both lower and higher moments of the PSD and the associated values for A and B, Part II uses the PSD from Part I plus coincident, vertically pointing Doppler radar returns. The observations and derived coefficients are used to evaluate earlier, single-moment, bulk ice microphysical parameterization schemes as well as to develop improved, statistically based, microphysical relationships. They may be used in cloud and climate models, and to retrieve cloud properties from ground-based Doppler radar and spaceborne, conventional radar returns.

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