WISM - Other: Twin Otter International 02/03/17 Science Report

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Other: Twin Otter International - 17M014
Friday, February 3, 2017
Mission Location: 
Grand Junction, CO
Mission Summary: 

First flight for the WISM instrument of this campaign.  ​Tri-band radar test flight around the airport. Flight was conducted around the Grand Junction airport. Tim Durham, Kerry Speed and Tory Ames flew. Pilots were Thomas Summerville and Ross Rice.  Sky was mostly clear with scattered clouds. The aircraft flew 4 loops around the airport at an altitude of 5000 ft on a track that placed the projected antenna pattern directly over four, in-line calibration targets located in a field adjacent to the aircraft hanger. Radiometer collected data but was not connected to the antenna to minimize potential impact on radar data collects.