The Airborne Science Instrument Database provides details on the science instruments that have been used as part of NASA-funded airborne research.

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Title Acronymsort descending Contact Person Aircraft Type Measurements
FluidCam Dr. Ved Chirayath (PI)
Broadband CO2 Lidar - 1.5 micron version Nader Abuhassan (Co-I) DC-8 Lidar CO2
Reactive Nitrogen David Fahey (PI) ER-2 NO2, NO3, NOy, NO, N2O5, ClONO2
NOAA Picarro Kathryn McKain (Co-I) DC-8 Spectrometer (in situ) CO2, CH4, CO
G2301-f Laura Iraci (PI) Spectrometer (in situ) CO2, CH4, H2O
Accumulation Radar Carl Leuschen (PI) P-3 Orion Radar Snow Accumulation, Ice Sheet Thickness
Cimel Sunphotometer Michal Segal Rozenhaimer (PI)
Ultrafine CN - LaRC Edward L. Winstead (Mgr) DC-8 CN counter Particle concentration
Aerosol Lidar William Grant (PI) DC-8 Lidar Aerosol Scattering Ratio, Aerosol Backscattering, Aerosol Depolarization Ratio
Lyman Alpha-Hygrometer Ken Kelly (PI) ER-2
Ku-band Radar Altimeter Carl Leuschen (PI) DC-8, P-3 Orion, Twin Otter, C-130H Hercules Radar Sea Ice Surface Elevation
Flight Modem Alex Coleman (PI) P-3 Orion Navigation recorder Aircraft position
OSCAR lab Laura Iraci (PI) Spectrometer (in situ) CO, CO2
Video Uplink Edward Schilling (PI) DC-8 Camera Imagery
Differential mobility Edward L. Winstead (Mgr) DC-8 Differential mobility Particle size distribution
Large Pixel Format CCD Camera Franziska Harms (PI) DC-8 Camera Imagery
Alpha Jet Ozone Instrument Laura Iraci (PI) Alpha Jet Spectrometer (in situ) O3
ARC Picarro Warren Gore (Co-I) Alpha Jet, DC-8 CH4, CO2
G2301-m Laura Iraci (PI) Spectrometer (in situ) CO2, CH4, H2O
CN - Hawaii Antony Clarke (Co-I) DC-8 CN counter Cloud Condensation Nuclei


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