The Airborne Science Instrument Database provides details on the science instruments that have been used as part of NASA-funded airborne research.

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Title Acronymsort descending Contact Person Aircraft Type Measurements
Broadband CO2 Lidar - 1.5 micron version Nader Abuhassan (Co-I) DC-8 Lidar CO2
Aerosol Lidar William Grant (PI) DC-8 Lidar Aerosol Scattering Ratio, Aerosol Backscattering, Aerosol Depolarization Ratio
Airborne Coherent Lidar for Advanced In-flight Measurements ACLAIM Edward Teets (PI) DC-8 Lidar Doppler Lidar
Airborne Laser Terrain Mapper Experiment ALTM Steve Young (PI) DC-8 Lidar Topography
Airborne Raman Ozone, Temperature, and Aerosol Lidar AROTAL Thomas J. McGee (PI) DC-8 Lidar, Raman spectrometer Temperature, Profile, O3, Aerosol Backscattering, Aerosol Extinction, Aerosol Depolarization Ratio
Airborne Topographic Mapper ATM William Krabill (Prev PI) C-130H Hercules, DC-8, P-3 Orion, Twin Otter, HU-25A Guardian Lidar Topography
Cloud Lidar System CLS James Spinhirne (PI) ER-2 Lidar Cloud Thickness
Cloud Physics Lidar CPL Matthew McGill (PI) ER-2, Global Hawk, WB-57 Lidar Aerosol, Optical Depth, Particle size distribution
Doppler Aerosol WiNd Lidar DAWN Michael J. Kavaya (PI) DC-8 Lidar Wind, Aerosol Backscattering
Differential Absorption Lidar DIAL Syed Ismail (PI) DC-8 Lidar Aerosol Backscattering, Aerosol Depolarization Ratio, Aerosol Extinction, Aerosol Optical Depth, O3
High Spectral Resolution Lidar HSRL Chris Hostetler (PI) B200 - LARC, DC-8 Lidar Aerosol Depolarization Ratio, Aerosol Scattering Ratio, Aerosol Backscattering, Aerosol Extinction
High Spectral Resolution Lidar 2 HSRL2 Chris Hostetler (PI) ER-2, P-3 Orion, NASA P-3 Lidar Aerosol Depolarization Ratio, Aerosol Scattering Ratio, Aerosol Backscattering, Aerosol Extinction
Lidar Atmosphere Sensing Experiment LASE Syed Ismail (PI) DC-8, P-3 Orion Lidar H2O, Aerosol Backscattering
Land, Vegetation and Ice Sensor LVIS J. Bryan Blair (PI) B200 - LARC, C-130H Hercules, Cessna 402B, Citation, DC-8, P-3 Orion Lidar Vegetation, Topography
Multicenter Airborne Coherent Atmospheric Wind Sensor MACAWS Jeffry Rothermel (PI) DC-8 Lidar Wind, Aerosol Backscattering
Multi-functional Fiber Laser Lidar MFLL Jeremy Dobler (PI) B-200 (UC-12B) - LARC Lidar Radar Altitude
Slope Imaging Multi-polarization Photon-counting Lidar SIMPL David Harding (PI) Learjet 25, P-3 Orion, Twin Otter Lidar Sea Ice Surface Elevation, Ice Sheet Thickness
Thickness from Offbeam Returns THOR Bob Cahalan (PI) P-3 Orion Lidar Cloud Thickness
Tropospheric Wind Lidar Technology Experiment TWiLiTE Bruce Gentry (PI) DC-8, ER-2, Global Hawk, WB-57 Lidar Wind
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