The Airborne Science Instrument Database provides details on the science instruments that have been used as part of NASA-funded airborne research.

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Title Acronym Contact Person Aircraft Type Measurements
14-channel NASA Ames Airborne Tracking Sunphotometer AATS-14 Philip B. Russell (Prev PI) DC-8, J-31, P-3 Orion, Convair-580, Twin Otter International Photometer Aerosol, H2O, O3, Optical Depth, NO2
2 Channel Selected Ion Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometer SI/CIMS-2 Fred Eisele (PI) C-130H Hercules, P-3 Orion CIMS OH, H2SO4, CH4SO3, DMSO, NH3, Aerosol
2D-S Stereo Probe 2DS Paul Lawson (PI) DC-8, WB-57, Global Hawk, P-3 Orion Particle imager Particle size distribution, Particle concentration, Particle Extinction
Accumulation Radar Carl Leuschen (PI) P-3 Orion Radar Snow Accumulation, Ice Sheet Thickness
Advanced Microwave Precipitation Radiometer AMPR Anthony Guillory (Mgr) DC-8, ER-2, P-3 Orion, NASA P-3 Microwave Radiometer Brightness Temperature
Aerosol Optical Properties AERO3X Anthony Strawa (PI) P-3 Orion Optical particle counter Black Carbon, NO2, Particle Scattering, Aerosol Extinction, Particle Absorption, Asymmetry Parameter, Single Scattering Albedo, Aerosol Backscattering
Airborne Cloud Radar ACR Steven J Dinardo (PI) DC-8, P-3 Orion, Twin Otter (DOE) Radar Radar Reflectivity
Airborne Earth Science Microwave Imaging Radiometer AESMIR Edward Kim (PI) C-130H Hercules, P-3 Orion Radiometer Imagery, Snow Accumulation, Sea Ice Surface Elevation, H2O, Temperature
Airborne Expendable Conductivity Temperature Depth Probe AXCTD Dan S. Jacob (PI) P-3 Orion Dropsonde Ocean Salinity, Temperature
Airborne Multichannel Microwave Radiometer AMMR James R. Wang (Mgr) Convair-580, DC-8, P-3 Orion Radiometer Brightness Temperature
Airborne Second Generation Precipitation Radar APR-2 Simone Tanelli (PI) DC-8, P-3 Orion Radar Radar Reflectivity, Linear Depolarization Radar, Doppler Velocity
Airborne Third Generation Precipitation Radar APR-3 Simone Tanelli (PI) P-3 Orion, NASA P-3 Radar Radar Reflectivity, Linear Depolarization Radar, Doppler Velocity
Airborne Topographic Mapper ATM William Krabill (Prev PI) C-130H Hercules, DC-8, P-3 Orion, Twin Otter, HU-25A Guardian Lidar Topography
Atmospheric Vertical Observations of CO2 in the Earth's Troposphere AVOCET Joshua P. DiGangi (PI) DC-8, P-3 Orion Spectrometer (in situ) CO2
BroadBand Radiometers BBR Anthony Bucholtz (PI) DC-8, ER-2, P-3 Orion, C-130H Hercules, NASA P-3 Radiometer Solar flux
Carbon Dioxide and Ozone Airborne in Situ Tracers COAST Melody Avery (PI) P-3 Orion
Carbon Monoxide By Attenuation of Laser Transmission COBALT James Podolske (PI) DC-8, P-3 Orion Laser absorption CO
CCD Actinic Flux Spectroradiometers CAFS Samuel R. Hall (PI) DC-8, P-3 Orion, WB-57 Spectrometer (in situ) Actinic Flux
Cloud Absorption Radiometer CAR Charles Gatebe (PI) J-31, P-3 Orion, Convair-580 Radiometer Solar flux, Imagery
Cloud Aerosol and Precipitation Spectrometer CAPS Andrew Heymsfield (PI) DC-8, WB-57, P-3 Orion Particle imager, Spectrometer (in situ) Aerosol, Particle size distribution, Temperature, Pressure, Cloud Liquid Water Content


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