P-3 Orion - WFF 10/23/18

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Flight Number: 
ORACLES Science Flight #13
Payload Configuration: 
Nav Data Collected: 
Archive Data: 
20181023 (78 binary files; 24 archive (plain-text) files; 39 image files)
Total Flight Time: 
8.1 hours
Flight Segments: 
Start:10/23/18 07:47 Z Finish:10/23/18 15:50 Z
Flight Time:8.1 hours
Log Number:19P018PI:Jens Redemann
Funding Source:Hal Maring - NASA - SMD - ESD Radiation Science Program
Purpose of Flight:Science
Miles Flown:1800 miles
Flight Hour Summary: 
Flight Hours Approved in SOFRS188.5
Flight Hours Previously Approved 144
Total Used44.5110
Total Remaining 34
19P018 Flight Reports
Date Flt # Purpose of Flight Duration Running Total Hours Remaining Miles Flown
10/02/18ORACLES Science Flight #3Science8.58.5135.51940
10/03/18ORACLES Science Flight #4Science8.5171271970
10/05/18ORACLES Science Flight #5Science9261182000
10/07/18ORACLES Science Flight #6Science8.434.4109.62000
10/10/18ORACLES Science Flight #7Science8.342.7101.31970
10/12/18ORACLES Science Flight #8Science5.34896800
10/15/18ORACLES Science Flight #9Science7.855.888.21700
10/17/18ORACLES Science Flight #10Science8.564.379.72000
10/19/18ORACLES Science Flight #11Science872.371.71800
10/21/18ORACLES Science Flight #12Science8.280.563.51800
10/23/18ORACLES Science Flight #13Science8.188.655.41800
10/25/18ORACLES Transit #1Transit7.896.447.62009
10/26/18ORACLES Transit #2Transit7103.440.62100
10/27/18ORACLES Transit #3Transit5.8109.234.81692
10/27/18ORACLES Transit #4Transit0.81103472
18P004 Flight Reports
Date Flt # Purpose of Flight Duration Running Total Hours Remaining Miles Flown
09/17/18ORACLES ATFCheck1.31.3187.20
09/19/18ORACLES PTFCheck3.75183.50
09/21/18ORACLES Transit #1Transit6.311.3177.21716
09/22/18ORACLES Transit #2Transit8.219.51692131
09/24/18ORACLES Transit #3/Science FlightTransit9.328.8159.72500
09/27/18ORACLES Science Flight #1Science836.8151.71875
09/30/18ORACLES Science Flight #2Science7.744.51442400

Flight Reports began being entered into this system as of 2012 flights. If there were flights flown under an earlier log number the flight reports are not available online.

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ORACLES - P-3 Orion - WFF 10/23/18 Science Report

Mission Summary: 

Survey flight going west along 5S, preceeded by high-altitude leg along 5E. Square spiral at 3W, 5S, followed by 3 cloudy boundary layer samples, all west of 5E, on the way back. Persistent aerosol layer at 6-7 kft, with overall low aerosol loading (max aod ~0.2). Low clouds extended to north of 5S, were typically precipitating. Boundary layer only very mildly polluted. In 2nd BL, a double-layered stratocumulus cloud had higher Nd in the lower layer compared to the upper layer. APR had a good day, with data gathered at all 3 frequencies. Square sprial at 3W included 3 level leg circuits as part of a wind calibration.