Other: Airtec BT-67 12/04/17

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Other: Airtec BT-67
Flight Number: 
OIB-Basler Science Flight #7
Payload Configuration: 
OIB Basler Antarctica 17
Nav Data Collected: 
Total Flight Time: 
5.9 hours
Flight Segments: 
Start:12/04/17 04:08 Z Finish:12/04/17 10:03 Z
Flight Time:5.9 hours
Log Number:18M008PI:Nathan Kurtz
Funding Source:Bruce Tagg - NASA - SMD - ESD Airborne Science Program
Purpose of Flight:Science
Comments:TAM East Complete; Transit back from S. Pole
Flight Hour Summary: 
Flight Hours Approved in SOFRS180
Total Used113.9
Total Remaining66.1
18M008 Flight Reports
Date Flt # Purpose of Flight Duration Running Total Hours Remaining
11/11/17 - 11/12/17OIB-Transit leg #1bTransit6.36.3173.7
11/12/17OIB-Transit leg #2Transit4.610.9169.1
11/12/17 - 11/13/17OIB-Transit leg #2Transit6.217.1162.9
11/13/17OIB-Transit leg #4Transit724.1155.9
11/13/17OIB-Transit leg #4Transit3.427.5152.5
11/13/17OIB-Transit leg #4Transit734.5145.5
11/16/17OIB-Transit leg #4Transit4.839.3140.7
11/17/17OIB-Transit leg #5Transit7.646.9133.1
11/17/17 - 11/18/17OIB-Transit leg #5Transit4.251.1128.9
11/26/17 - 11/27/17OIB-Basler Test FlightCheck2.954126
11/27/17OIB-Basler Mx FlightMaintenance0.854.8125.2
11/28/17 - 11/29/17OIB-Basler Science Flight #1Science6.361.1118.9
11/30/17 - 12/01/17OIB-Basler Science Flight #2Science7.568.6111.4
12/01/17 - 12/02/17OIB-Basler Science Flight #3Science876.6103.4
12/02/17OIB-Basler Science Flight #4Science6.382.997.1
12/02/17 - 12/03/17OIB-Basler Science Flight #5Science6.589.490.6
12/03/17 - 12/04/17OIB-Basler Science Flight #6Science8.297.682.4
12/04/17OIB-Basler Science Flight #7Science5.9103.576.5
12/04/17 - 12/05/17OIB-Basler Science Flight #8Science4.510872
12/06/17 - 12/07/17OIB-Basler Science Flight #9Science5.9113.966.1

Flight Reports began being entered into this system as of 2012 flights. If there were flights flown under an earlier log number the flight reports are not available online.

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Mission Summary: 

Mission: David A
Today we flew the high priority David A mission. This mission is designed to refly ICECAP flightlines over the David Glacier and Drygalski Ice Tongue. We also extend two lines east into the plateau to collect depth-sounder data over several subglacial lakes. 
Our run of great weather seemed to run out today, as we encountered low ceilings when we arrived on the glacier. Even so, we were able to fly a majority of the coverage, including the subglacial lakes, before having to turn back to McMurdo.
Aside from the low ceilings, flight conditions were generally good, with light winds, negligible turbulence and temps of -8 C.