ER-2 #806 07/18/17

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Total Flight Time: 
3.7 hours
The ER-2 TN806 took off at 1501 GMT; landed at 1844 GMT for a 3.7 hour mission. Instrument operations were nominal from the pilot’s perspective. All instrument functions operated as expected. The flight plan for the SHOW instrument was to fly the ER-2 airplane at max altitude but not above 70,000 ft. The ER-2 airplane slowly climbed out after takeoff; achieving 65,000 ft just before the “compass rose” maneuver. During the first southbound leg of the maneuver the ER-2 flew through some moderate mountain-related turbulence. It was noted that after the maneuver, the Airborne Science Tracker webpage was showing the ER-2 flying at between 62,000 and 64,000 ft GPS altitude. Dean said he was never below 65,000 ft altitude (flew between 65,000 and 70,000 ft). There appeared to be about a 4,000 ft offset between GPS altitude and pressure altitude but the offset was not consistent. When the ER-2 landed, the ASP tracker was showing the ER-2 at 1641 ft below sea level. The NASDAT data team was able to successfully reconstruct the ER-2 altitude flight data post-flight. The SHOW science team was satisfied with the reconstructed altitude data. The other hitch during the flight was that Dean’s flight clearance to proceed from LA Center airspace to Albuquerque Center airspace was delayed. After the “compass rose” maneuver, Dean had to loiter before proceeding to Albuquerque airspace. Dean flew a “bowtie” maneuver (as Rob “Skid” Rowe described it) which took about 15 minutes. Fortunately, this didn’t adversely affect the timing of the ER-2 airplane with the JPL balloon launch at Table Mountain. During the long straight run after the “compass rose and bowtie maneuvers”, Dean flew the ER-2 at constant Mach (0.69, 0.67, 0.65) to obtain steady state pitch angles. At 0.65 Mach, the pitch was 0.7 deg nose up. During the long straight leg to Table Mountain, Dean flew constant Mach of 0.66 at a pitch angle of 0.5 deg. Pressure altitude (what the pilot sees) was between 67k and 68k ft. Flight data were stable and there was no turbulence. Today’s flight was very successful for the SHOW team. All expectations for this flight were exceeded. Dean “Gucci” Neeley was the pilot.
Flight Segments: 
From:Palmdale, CATo:Palmdale, CA
Start:07/18/17 15:01 Z Finish:07/18/17 18:44 Z
Flight Time:3.7 hours
Log Number:172010PI:Adam Bourassa
Funding Source:Daniel Gratton - CSA - Advanced Payload Development Manager
Purpose of Flight:Check
Comments:Purpose: The purpose of today’s SHOW flight was to conduct an engineering check-out flight of the SHOW instrument.
Flight Hour Summary: 
Flight Hours Approved in SOFRS2010
Flight Hours Previously Approved  8.418.4
Total Used011.600
Total Remaining   18.4
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