ER-2 #806 07/05/16

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Total Flight Time: 
4.5 hours
The purpose of today's flight was to perform a HAP science mission targeting the Central Valley of CA. Ship 806 took off at 1028L and landed at 1500 for a 4.5 hour mission. Just after takeoff, the SPEX team requested an instrument reset because of a timing issue. After reset the timing issue was resolved. There were no instrument faults or fail lights during the flight. Stu said the sky was clear but with a low, general haze. The ER-2 was very stable at altitude but with a very slight Dutch-roll. Apparently, this is an attribute of 806. All targets were hit as planned. One target was changed over Fresno. Today’s flight had a successful underflight of the MISR satellite in the Modesto area. Unfortunately, the Modesto ground station was inoperative. The flight plan for Thursday’s flight will be modified because of the Modesto ground station status. Today’s flight was considered marginally successful because of Modesto and the sky was too clear! Stu Broce was the pilot.
Flight Segments: 
Start:07/05/16 17:28 Z Finish:07/05/16 22:00 Z
Flight Time:4.5 hours
Log Number:162014PI:Olga Kalashnikova
Funding Source:Hal Maring - NASA - SMD - ESD Radiation Science Program
Purpose of Flight:Science
Flight Hour Summary: 
Flight Hours Approved in SOFRS15
Total Used11.1
Total Remaining3.9
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