ER-2 #806 05/12/17

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Flight Number: 
Payload Configuration: 
Solar Cell (PV) Instrument
Nav Data Collected: 
Total Flight Time: 
1.8 hours
Takeoff at 1834 GMT; landing at 2022 GMT for a 1.8 hour mission. The pilot didn’t have any issues with the PV instrument. The mission was completed as planned. As during the previous PV flights, the pilot took off a little early and burned some time to get to the target at the scheduled time. The pilot started the data run at 69,900 feet. He again arrived at the target a little early. The pilot commented that he performed a better descent profile than his last PV flight. The lowest altitude during the data run was 54,700 feet. The target was in the window + or – 0.5 deg for the entire flight.
Flight Segments: 
From:Palmdale, CATo:Palmdale, CA
Start:05/12/17 18:34 Z Finish:05/12/17 20:22 Z
Flight Time:1.8 hours
Log Number:172026PI:Matthew Myers
Funding Source:Michael Piszczor - NASA - GRC - CODE LEX Branch Chief
Purpose of Flight:Science
Comments:The purpose of the fifth FY17 flight of the solar cell (PV) instrument was to fly a line starting near 70,000 feet at solar noon then slowly descend to below 60,000 feet. The data obtained will help standardize the measurement of solar cell performance for future space applications.
Flight Hour Summary: 
Flight Hours Approved in SOFRS8.66
Flight Hours Previously Approved 3.2
Total Used5.410.8
Total Remaining -1.6
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