ER-2 #806 02/02/17

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Flight Number: 
Payload Configuration: 
Nav Data Collected: 
Total Flight Time: 
3.5 hours
From Dean Neeley: The reason for the delay in taking off was the F-18 squadron took off 30-minutes late. As the F-18’s were prepping for launch, the exhaust from the F-18’s was blowing over the ER-2 cockpit. The exhaust delayed Dean getting into the cockpit. Turns out that the clouds would’ve been worse if the ER-2 took off sooner. During climb-out, there were many broken cloud layers (low, med, and high - cirrus level – 25k to 40k feet). Overall, the clouds improved somewhat during the flight. The flight plan that was adjusted before Dean got to the ER-2 worked well. Volcano Lines 7, 8, and 9 were flown. Line 9 was flown first. Dean forgot to turn L2 on for MASTER (pilot error). Line 7 had 75% cloud cover; Line 8 was socked in. Dean decided to re-fly Line 9 which was the clearest line – MASTER was on for the re-fly of Line 9. Dean noticed that at the end of Line 9 the first time, the INS started drifting. Ian noticed the ASP Tracker site dropped the ER-2. By the time Line 7 and the re-fly of Line 9, the INS was good. On the Kona side of the island, Line 4 had 20% clouds. The middle line had mostly low-level clouds. Line 2 was good – 15% clouds; clear along the water side. Decided not to fly Line 3; Flew Line 4 again – 10% clouds. Dean then flew a line over Maui – layers of clouds still there. The late change in flight plan by Jan and Ian worked well. Line 26: high thin clouds – 15% cloud coverage; Line 27: 10% clouds; Line 25: 10% clouds; Line 39: 15% clouds. Dean did not fly Line 34; then RTB’d. Dean did not fly Lines 8, 3, and 34.
Flight Segments: 
From:MCAS Kaneohe Bay, HITo:MCAS Kaneohe Bay, HI
Start:02/02/17 19:16 Z Finish:02/02/17 22:43 Z
Flight Time:3.5 hours
Log Number:172032PI:Robert Green
Funding Source:Woody Turner - NASA - SMD - ESD Biological Diversity
Purpose of Flight:Science
Comments:Purpose: The 6th science mission of the campaign was a day flight to fly volcano lines over the Island of Hawaii. Depending on cloud cover will determine the lines that are flown. After the volcano lines, the plan is to fly coral lines over Maui and Molokai.
Flight Hour Summary: 
Flight Hours Approved in SOFRS90
Flight Hours Previously Approved 90
Total Used065.3
Total Remaining 24.7
172032 Flight Reports
Date Flt # Purpose of Flight Duration Running Total Hours Remaining Miles Flown
01/17/17 - 01/18/1717-6010Transit6.86.883.2
02/03/17 - 02/04/1717-6017Science4.829.360.7
02/07/17 - 02/08/1717-6018Science2.131.458.6
02/21/17 - 02/22/1717-6023Science546.643.4
03/03/17 - 03/04/1717-6027Transit7.665.324.7

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