Cessna 206H 06/05/12

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Flight Number: 
G-LiHT 12-003 C206
Payload Configuration: 
G-LiHT 2012 ON C206H
Nav Data Collected: 
Total Flight Time: 
4.8 hours
G-LiHT research flight flown out of Phillips Wisconsin. Performed dense mapping of Willow Creek watershed (26 data lines at 1100 ft AGL) for pre-harvest forest inventory assessment and then completed 16 data lines at 2000 ft AGL in the vicinity of Park Falls WLEF instrumented tall tower site. Second flight cancelled due to approaching storms. Next flights scheduled for 6/6.
Flight Segments: 
Start:06/05/12 15:45 Z Finish:06/05/12 20:32 Z
Flight Time:4.8 hours
Log Number:12C002PI:Bruce Cook
Funding Source:Bruce Fisher - NASA - SMD - ESD LARC Chief Engineer, Research Services Directorate
Purpose of Flight:Science
Flight Hour Summary: 
Flight Hours Approved in SOFRS40
Total Used76.6
Total Remaining-36.6
12C002 Flight Reports
Date Flt # Purpose of Flight Duration Running Total Hours Remaining Miles Flown
05/23/12G-LiHT 12-01 C-206Science3.83.836.2
05/23/12G-LiHT 12-01 C-206Science3.37.132.9
06/04/12G-LiHT 12-02 C206Ferry3.410.529.5
06/04/12G-LiHT 12-02 C206Ferry0.110.629.4
06/04/12G-LiHT 12-02 C206Ferry2.913.526.5
06/04/12 - 06/05/12G-LiHT 12-02 C206Ferry215.524.5
06/05/12G-LiHT 12-003 C206Science4.820.319.7
06/06/12G-LiHT 12-004 C206Science5.125.414.6
06/06/12G-LiHT 12-004 C206Science0.62614
06/07/12G-LiHT 12-005 C206Science2.728.711.3
06/07/12G-LiHT 12-005 C206Science2.631.38.7
06/08/12G-LiHT 12-006 C206HFerry3.334.65.4
06/08/12G-LiHT 12-006 C206HScience2.336.93.1
06/08/12G-LiHT 12-006 C206HFerry2.639.50.5
06/19/12G-LiHT 12-007 C206HFerry3.543-3
06/19/12G-LiHT 12-007 C206HScience245-5
06/20/12G-LiHT 12-008 C206HScience3.148.1-8.1
06/20/12G-LiHT 12-008 C206HScience4.252.3-12.3
06/21/12G-LiHT 12-009 C206HScience4.256.5-16.5
06/21/12G-LiHT 12-009 C206HScience3.860.3-20.3
06/22/12G-LiHT 12-010 C206HScience2.462.7-22.7
06/22/12G-LiHT 12-010 C206HScience3.165.8-25.8
06/27/12G-LiHT 12-011 C206HScience3.669.4-29.4
06/27/12G-LiHT 12-011 C206HScience3.472.8-32.8
06/28/12G-LiHT 12-012 C206HScience3.876.6-36.6

Flight Reports began being entered into this system as of 2012 flights. If there were flights flown under an earlier log number the flight reports are not available online.