B200 - LARC 07/22/19

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Flight Number: 
ACT America KLFI #3
Payload Configuration: 
Piccaro, CAMS, NOAA Flask
Nav Data Collected: 
Total Flight Time: 
4.3 hours
Flight Segments: 
Start:07/22/19 14:05 Z Finish:07/22/19 18:22 Z
Flight Time:4.3 hours
Log Number:19B009 - Completed as of this flight.PI:Kenneth Davis
Funding Source:Ken Jucks - NASA - SMD - ESD Upper Atmosphere Research Program
Purpose of Flight:Science
Miles Flown:740 miles
Comments:Flown as planned to Ohio and back crossing a cold front at 10K MSL going and 1K AGL coming back. Exceptions include cutting off 30 nm from the Ohio turn point due to fuel, and 3/4 of leg coming home flown at lowest available IFR altitude due to not being able to get below the cloud layer VFR. Instead of a turning climb at TYGAR, we accomplished a low approach at 50' AGL over KCKB and a climb to 10K and return to 5K MSL before continuing on route. 1K AGL only achievable starting Shenandoah Valley.
Flight Hour Summary: 
Flight Hours Approved in SOFRS101.4
Total Used78.6
Total Remaining22.8
19B009 Flight Reports
Date Flt # Purpose of Flight Duration Running Total Hours Remaining Miles Flown
06/07/19ACT America ICF#1Check2299.4400
06/11/19ACT America Joint Aircraft Test (AA-2) Science2.84.896.6420
06/17/19ACT America KLFI-KSHV deployScience3.78.592.9750
06/17/19ACT America KLFI-KSHV deployScience2.110.690.8280
06/20/19ACT America KSHV #1Science3.814.487800
06/20/19ACT America KSHV #1Ferry0.214.686.820
06/20/19ACT America KSHV #1Science2.517.184.3450
06/22/19ACT America KSHV #2Science2.719.881.6500
06/22/19ACT America KSHV #2Science322.878.6450
06/26/19ACT America KSHV #3Science3.326.175.3450
06/26/19ACT America KSHV #3Science2.728.872.6400
06/27/19ACT America KSHV #4Science2.731.569.9400
06/27/19ACT America KSHV #4Science2.934.467470
07/01/19ACT America KSHV #5 (Transit Flight)Science3.838.263.20
07/01/19ACT America KSHV #5 (Transit Flight)Science1.84061.40
07/04/19ACT America KLNK #1Science3.843.857.6750
07/07/19ACT America KLNK #2Science3.647.454680
07/08/19ACT America KLNK #3Science3.550.950.5600
07/09/19ACT America KLNK #4Science3.554.447600
07/10/19ACT America KLNK #5Science4.158.542.9800
07/11/19ACT America KLNK #6 (Transit Flight)Science3.56239.4600
07/11/19ACT America KLNK #7 (Transit Flight)Science1.763.737.7300
07/19/19ACT America KLFI #1 Science3.36734.40
07/19/19ACT America KLFI #1 Science2.469.4320
07/20/19ACT America KLFI #2Science3.372.728.70
07/20/19ACT America KLFI #2Science1.674.327.10
07/22/19ACT America KLFI #3Science4.378.622.8740

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