A Comparison of Multi-Angle Implementation of Atmospheric Correction and MOD09...

Lyapustin, A., F. Zhao, and Y. Wang (2021), A Comparison of Multi-Angle Implementation of Atmospheric Correction and MOD09 Daily Surface Reflectance Products From MODIS, Front. Remote Sens., 2, 712093, doi:10.3389/frsen.2021.712093.

This study presents the first systematic comparison of MAIAC Collection 6 MCD19A1 daily surface reflectance (SR) product with standard MODIS SR (MOD/MYD09). The study was limited to four tiles located in mid-Atlantic United States (H11V05), Canada (H12V03), central Amazon (H11V09), and North-Eastern China (H27V05) and used over 5000 MODIS granules in 2018. Overall, there is a remarkable agreement between the best quality pixels of the two products, in particular in the Red and NIR bands. Over selected tiles, the evaluation found that MAIAC provides from 4 to 25% more high-quality retrievals than MOD09 annually, with the largest difference in tropical regions, confirming results of the previous studies. The comparison of spectral characteristics showed a systematic MAIACMOD09 difference increasing from NIR to Blue, typical of biases of a Lambertian assumption in MOD09 algorithm. Over the North-Eastern China, MCD19A1 SR is found more stable at wide range of aerosol optical depth (AOD) variations, whereas MOD09 SR shows a consistent positive bias increasing with AOD and at shorter wavelengths. The observed SR differences can be attributed to differences in cloud detection, aerosol retrieval and in atmospheric correction which is performed using an accurate BRDF-coupled radiative transfer model in MAIAC and a Lambertian surface model in MOD09. While this study is not representative of the global performance because of its limited geographical coverage, it should help the land community to better understand the differences between the two products.

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