WAM WB-57 files for 19980507

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MASP PI: Gandrud
FS19980507.WB57R0Wed, Oct 18, 200039.77 KB
MS19980507.WB57R0Wed, Oct 18, 200084.88 KB
JLH PI: Herman
PI: Hovde
FA19980507*.WB57 (2 files)R0Wed, Oct 18, 200050.03 KB
XS19980507*.WB57 (2 files)R0Wed, Oct 18, 2000693.55 KB
FP PI: Kelly
WV19980507.WB57R0Wed, Oct 18, 2000236.02 KB
MTP PI: Mahoney
MP19980507.WB57R0Wed, Oct 18, 2000659.53 KB
PALMS PI: Murphy
PN19980507.WB57R1Tue, Feb 6, 20016.7 MB
PP19980507.WB57R1Tue, Feb 6, 200110.58 MB
NOAA O3 Classic PI: Proffitt
O319980507__AL.WB57R0Wed, Oct 18, 2000157.02 KB
NOAA CH4 PI: Richard
CH19980507.WB57R0Wed, Oct 18, 200098.96 KB
PI: Rosenlof
FT19980507.WB57R0Wed, Oct 18, 20001.63 MB
NP19980507.WB57R0Wed, Oct 18, 20001.66 MB
NOAA PT PI: Thompson
PT19980507.WB57R0Wed, Oct 18, 20001.56 MB
ClO/BrO PI: Toohey
CL19980507__CORE.WB57R0Wed, Oct 18, 20003.23 KB
CN19980507.WB57R1Wed, Nov 1, 200066.82 KB
DS19980507.WB57R0Tue, May 1, 2001425.52 KB
SD19980507__DU.WB57R0Wed, Oct 18, 2000214.04 KB
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