SUCCESS Ground AP files

  • Mission: SUCCESS (4/2/1996-5/15/1996; Mission Website)
  • Measurement Platform: Ground
  • File Code: AP, Ground
  • Measurement PI: Smith
  • Description: AERI T,H2O profiles
  • File Format: Archive (plain-text) data file in Ames format

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AP19960415.AERIR0Tue, Apr 23, 199645.22 KB
AP19960416.AERIR0Thu, Apr 25, 199670.63 KB
AP19960420.AERIR0Tue, Apr 23, 199676.63 KB
AP19960421.AERIR0Wed, Apr 24, 199642.19 KB
AP19960427.AERIR0Wed, May 1, 199656.12 KB
AP19960503.AERIR0Wed, May 8, 199648.53 KB
AP19960504.AERIR0Wed, May 8, 199643.96 KB
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