SUCCESS ER-2 files for 19960421

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PI: Gaines
NM19960421.ER2R0Sun, Apr 21, 1996236.62 KB
NP19960421.ER2R0Sun, Apr 21, 1996333.08 KB
E*19960421.PS (2 files)R0Sun, Apr 21, 1996107.14 KB
PI: Hart
CL19960421.ER2R0Mon, Apr 22, 1996181.7 KB
PI: Hubanks
ET19960421.GIFR0Wed, Oct 8, 199742.32 KB
PI: Moeller
MB19960421*.GIF (19 files)R0Mon, Nov 29, 19993.99 MB
MT19960421.ER2R0Mon, Apr 22, 1996907.68 KB
PI: Smith
EM19960421.ER2R1Fri, Dec 13, 1996293.07 KB
HP19960421.ER2R0Fri, Dec 13, 1996129.01 KB
ST19960421.ER2R0Wed, Apr 24, 199632.82 KB
RAMS PI: Valero
BR19960421.ER2R0Tue, Nov 3, 19981.76 MB
MIR PI: Wang
BT19960421.ER2R0Wed, Mar 5, 1997669.94 KB
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