STRAT ER-2 files for 19960126

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Harvard CO2 PI: Andrews
AC19960126.ER2R0Fri, Jun 13, 20089.64 KB
AWAS PI: Atlas
WA19960126.ER2R2Thu, Oct 30, 19976.82 KB
Harvard CO2 PI: Boering
CD19960126.ER2R1Sat, Oct 25, 199723.75 KB
FP19960126.ER2R0Tue, Jan 30, 19961.4 KB
MM19960126.ER2R0Tue, Jan 30, 19961.45 KB
ACATS PI: Elkins
BC19960126.ER2R1Fri, Aug 7, 19984.67 KB
GC19960126.ER2R2Wed, Nov 5, 19973.47 KB
NOAA NOy PI: Fahey
NO19960126.ER2R2Tue, Jun 4, 1996105.84 KB
NY19960126.ER2R1Tue, Jun 4, 1996105.84 KB
PI: Gaines
NG19960126.ER2R2Thu, Apr 20, 200032.59 KB
NP19960126.ER2R1Fri, Jan 26, 199670.44 KB
E*19960126.PS (2 files)R0Wed, Jun 4, 199742.96 KB
MTP PI: Gary
MP19960126.ER2R2Thu, Feb 1, 1996114.51 KB
TR19960126.ER2R0Mon, Oct 27, 19976.74 KB
HOx PI: Hintsa
HW19960126.ER2R2Tue, Apr 30, 199610.9 KB
Goddard Flight Support PI: Lait
ATLAS PI: Loewenstein
N219960126.ER2R1Wed, Aug 28, 199621.77 KB
CPFM PI: McElroy
UP19960126.ER2R0Fri, Jan 26, 19966.92 KB
US19960126.ER2R0Fri, Jan 26, 1996360.96 KB
UV19960126.ER2R0Fri, Jan 26, 199635.58 KB
Goddard Flight Support PI: Newman
Ames Flight Support PI: Pfister
NOAA O3 Classic PI: Proffitt
O319960126.ER2R1Thu, Aug 29, 199637.83 KB
PI: Salawitch
Goddard Flight Support PI: Schoeberl
ALIAS PI: Webster
AL19960126.ER2R2Tue, Jan 30, 199644.93 KB
HOx PI: Weinstock
HOx PI: Wennberg
CNC; FCAS PI: Wilson
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