SOLVE II Rocket files

  • Mission: SOLVE II (12/3/2002-1/10/2004; Mission Website)
  • Measurement Platform: Rocket
  • File Code: FS, Rocket
  • Measurement PI: Schmidlin
  • Description: Falling sphere sounding(rocketsonde)
  • File Format: Archive (plain-text) data file in Ames format

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FS20030115_1302.ROCKR0Wed, Mar 17, 200444.35 KB
FS20030116_1300.ROCKR0Wed, Mar 17, 200422.98 KB
FS20030117_1300.ROCKR0Wed, Mar 17, 200434.28 KB
FS20030118_1300.ROCKR0Wed, Mar 17, 200437.04 KB
FS20030119_1300.ROCKR0Wed, Mar 17, 200436.81 KB
FS20030121_1300.ROCKR0Wed, Mar 17, 200437.48 KB
FS20030122_1300.ROCKR0Wed, Mar 17, 200412.79 KB
FS20030123_1350.ROCKR0Wed, Mar 17, 200413.03 KB
FS20030124_1311.ROCKR0Wed, Mar 17, 200413.84 KB
FS20030126_1300.ROCKR0Wed, Mar 17, 200437.41 KB
FS20030127_1300.ROCKR0Wed, Mar 17, 20048.19 KB
FS20030128_1300.ROCKR0Wed, Mar 17, 200440.91 KB
FS20030129_1300.ROCKR0Wed, Mar 17, 200440.92 KB
FS20030130_1312.ROCKR0Wed, Mar 17, 200441.14 KB
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Other Available Data

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