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DI20030109__DEPVS.DC8R1Thu, Aug 7, 2003787.86 KB
DI20030112__DEPVS.DC8R1Thu, Aug 7, 20031012.67 KB
DI20030114__DEPVS.DC8R1Thu, Aug 7, 20031.16 MB
DI20030116__DEPVS.DC8R1Thu, Aug 7, 2003422.09 KB
DI20030119__DEPVS.DC8R1Thu, Aug 7, 2003447.53 KB
DI20030121__DEPVS.DC8R1Thu, Aug 7, 2003572.14 KB
DI20030124__DEPVS.DC8R1Thu, Aug 7, 2003338.73 KB
DI20030126__DEPVS.DC8R0Thu, Aug 7, 2003455.22 KB
DI20030129__DEPVS.DC8R1Thu, Aug 7, 2003393.61 KB
DI20030131__DEPVS.DC8R1Thu, Aug 7, 2003452.72 KB
DI20030202__DEPVS.DC8R1Thu, Aug 7, 2003482.99 KB
DI20030204__DEPVS.DC8R1Thu, Aug 7, 2003315.32 KB
DI20030206__DEPVS.DC8R1Thu, Aug 7, 2003439.33 KB
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