ORACLES-1 ER-2 files for 20160924 RSP2-ER2-L1B

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RSP2-ER2-L1B_ER2_20160924074702_R1.h5R1Thu, May 25, 201762.56 MB
RSP2-ER2-L1B_ER2_20160924082046_R1.h5R1Thu, May 25, 2017261.13 MB
RSP2-ER2-L1B_ER2_20160924101308_R1.h5R1Thu, May 25, 2017114.51 MB
RSP2-ER2-L1B_ER2_20160924110258_R1.h5R1Thu, May 25, 2017119.93 MB
RSP2-ER2-L1B_ER2_20160924115510_R1.h5R1Thu, May 25, 201792.07 MB
RSP2-ER2-L1B_ER2_20160924123337_R1.h5R1Thu, May 25, 201725.93 MB
RSP2-ER2-L1B_ER2_20160924124845_R1.h5R1Thu, May 25, 20173.41 MB
RSP2-ER2-L1B_ER2_20160924125226_R1.h5R1Thu, May 25, 2017265.97 MB
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