ORACLES-1 ER-2 files for 20160826

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RSP PI: Cairns
RSP2-ER2-L1B_ER2_20160826*.h5 (3 files)R1Thu, May 25, 2017699.72 MB
RSP2-WTRCLD_ER2_20160826_R0.ictR0Mon, Jun 19, 20172.64 MB
RSP-MAPP_ER2_20160826_R0.h5R0Fri, May 10, 201978.05 KB
HSRL-2 PI: Hostetler
HSRL2_ER2_20160826_R9.h5R9Wed, Feb 23, 20221.64 GB
HSRL2-Microphysics_ER2_20160826_R1.h5R1Wed, Jun 28, 201719.14 MB
HSRL2*_ER2_20160826*.png (43 files)R5Fri, Apr 23, 202115.83 MB
RSP PI: Knobelspiesse
SSFR PI: Schmidt
ORACLES Merged Datasets PI: Shinozuka
mrg60_ER2_20160826_R1.ncR1Wed, May 10, 2017191.7 KB
NSRC PI: Yang Martin
Hskping_ER2_20160826_R1.ictR1Tue, Jun 6, 20173.66 MB
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