AASE II ER-2 files for 19911210

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UHSAS PI: Baumgardner
FS19911210.ER2R1Tue, Jun 2, 199228.73 KB
MMS PI: Chan
FP19911210.ER2R1Mon, May 18, 199225.1 KB
MM19911210.ER2R1Mon, May 18, 1992134.38 KB
ACATS PI: Elkins
NOAA NOy PI: Fahey
PI: Gaines
E*19911210.PS (2 files)R0Mon, Jul 7, 199734.02 KB
MTP PI: Gary
PI: Hathaway
WAS (NCAR) PI: Heidt
FP PI: Kelly
Goddard Flight Support PI: Lait
FA19911210.ER2R0Wed, Dec 11, 199143.82 KB
ARGUS PI: Loewenstein
Goddard Flight Support PI: Newman
XS19911210.ER2R0Wed, Dec 11, 199113.9 KB
NOAA O3 Classic PI: Proffitt
O319911210.ER2R1Fri, May 29, 199225.07 KB
Goddard Flight Support PI: Schoeberl
ClO/BrO PI: Toohey
ALIAS PI: Webster
PI: Wofsy
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