AASE II DC-8 files for 19920114

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WAS (UCI) PI: Blake
UC19920114.DC8R1Sat, Jul 17, 199314.62 KB
DIAL PI: Browell
AD19920114.DC8R2Sun, Jul 18, 199391.38 KB
AS19920114.DC8R2Sun, Jul 18, 1993285.59 KB
DO19920114.DC8R3Sun, Jul 18, 1993185.95 KB
MO19920114.DC8R3Sun, Jul 18, 1993187.1 KB
PI: Gaines
D*19920114.PS (2 files)R0Tue, Jul 8, 1997124.41 KB
MTP PI: Gary
PI: Hathaway
DF19920114.DC8R2Tue, Jul 8, 1997311.69 KB
DP19920114.DC8R1Mon, Feb 10, 19921.49 MB
DW19920114.DC8R1Mon, Feb 10, 1992715.29 KB
Goddard Flight Support PI: Kawa
BT19920114.DC8R0Fri, Feb 18, 1994912.18 KB
Goddard Flight Support PI: Lait
FA19920114.DC8R2Wed, May 13, 1992140.31 KB
FTIR PI: Mankin
IR19920114.DC8R5Sun, Jul 25, 19936.1 KB
Goddard Flight Support PI: Newman
XS19920114.DC8R2Wed, May 13, 1992156.93 KB
FSSP PI: Pueschel
FS19920114.DC8R1Tue, Oct 20, 1992377.66 KB
AATS-14 PI: Russell
SV19920114.DC8R2Thu, Jul 22, 1993352.99 KB
DACOM PI: Sachse
DA19920114.DC8R2Fri, Jul 16, 1993256.13 KB
MkIV PI: Toon
M419920114.DC8R3Sun, May 31, 19927.54 KB
PI: Traub
FT19920114.DC8R5Sun, Jul 18, 19934.41 KB
PI: Valero
NF19920114.DC8R0Wed, Apr 29, 1992917.19 KB
NOxyO3 PI: Weinheimer
N219920114.DC8R0Fri, Jul 16, 19938.54 KB
NO19920114.DC8R0Fri, Jul 16, 19938.54 KB
NY19920114.DC8R1Fri, Jul 16, 1993227.64 KB
O319920114.DC8R1Fri, Jul 16, 1993227.63 KB
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