AAOE DC-8 files for 19870905

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DIAL PI: Browell
do870905.dc8R0Tue, Apr 25, 1989258.9 KB
ib870905.dc8R0Tue, Apr 25, 1989778.09 KB
is870905.dc8R0Tue, Apr 25, 1989260.15 KB
vb870905.dc8R0Tue, Apr 25, 1989778.09 KB
vs870905.dc8R0Tue, Apr 25, 1989260.15 KB
MkIV PI: Farmer
in87aaoe.dc8R0Tue, Apr 25, 198912.17 KB
PI: Gaines
D*19870905.PDF (2 files)R1Sat, Mar 29, 2003106.76 KB
D*19870905.PS (2 files)R1Mon, Aug 10, 1998143.4 KB
LaRC Ozone PI: Gregory
oz870905.dc8R0Tue, Apr 25, 198911.53 KB
PI: Hathaway
NP19870905.DC8R1Fri, Aug 7, 1998245.02 KB
nt870905.dc8R0Tue, Apr 25, 1989215.62 KB
nw870905.dc8R0Tue, Apr 25, 1989223.08 KB
WAS (NCAR) PI: Heidt
WA19870905.DC8R1Mon, Mar 31, 20031.91 KB
TW19870905.DC8R1Wed, Apr 2, 2003510.15 KB
PI: Krueger
to870905.dc8R0Tue, Apr 25, 1989357.7 KB
FTIR PI: Mankin
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